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Welcome to Cascade Ranch

Situated on over 100,000 acres in scenic Southern Oregon, Cascade Ranches offers an exclusive setting for hunting, fishing, hiking, off-road recreation, and relaxation.



Endowed with rolling hills, oak groves, and coniferous forests, Cascade Ranches Cattle Company shares the land with the native Black Bear, Rocky Mountain Wapiti, Black Tail Deer, Mountain Lion, Coyote, Bobcat, and a never ending stream of ground squirrels. An intricate system of ditches and reservoirs created in the 1960’s allows for outstanding trout and bass fishing throughout the ranch.

Cascade Ranches has a long history in the Cascade Mountains dating back to the 1850’s. Amidst the escalating tensions of the civil war and vast opportunity being presented by western expansion, in the middle of the 19th century seventeen families decided to journey west on the Oregon Trail. Banding together for a shared future, this particular group chose Southern Oregon where they would settle and start their new lives and family legacies. The place they settled was named Lake Creek, a place that today still holds proudly to its bucolic setting and typical small western town friendliness.

Cascade Ranches was originally created in the early 1970’s by Glen Jackson who consolidated five large ranches and water rights to allow for more efficient ranching and game management. The extensive irrigation system and exchanges with government entities created an expanse of irrigated pastures both deeded and leased. Notably in the same period working with Oregon Fish and Game, Cascade Ranches introduced Rio Grande Turkeys to Southern Oregon that are now found extensively throughout the state. A robust population of turkeys thrives on the ranch today where a mere 20 breeding birds began 60 years ago.

In order to achieve the unique blend of efficient cattle management and thriving wildlife populations that Cascade Ranches offers, property access is reserved for club members only.